My pre-nuptial Tribute to My Missionary Partner “Lucy”




Choco this is for you.
My pre-nuptial Tribute to My Missionary Partner “Lucy”



To Lucy (Kim Hye Yeon) who has been a friend and a sister to me.

Time has gone, yesterday was a memory, best memory that we both enjoy!
We once made a wish and prayed that someday we would sit on a white chair nearby the sea when we will find our “SHE” (the code we both enjoy to say for the Man God prepared for us!), silly might this sound to others but I know we both love the meaning of that word because we both put meaning to it!

Remember this? this was from one of the pages you wrote


God has been so kind to you and pretty soon you are about to take your marriage vows. I wish you a happy life with your “She”, full of blessings from our God Almighty.
As you take your next journey, may you and your lifetime partner enjoy every moments of your togetherness, I know you will, because the blessings of heaven is with you.

I personally took a picture of the things we both treasure “our diaries and scrapbook” that you made
This is amazing! The best is yet to come, and every page of it is surprisingly coming true.


God bless you more!
Once a missionary always a Missionary! And once a partner always a partner!
Ti’ll Jesus Comes







All at once!

Have you been confused with what to do? to the point of asking yourself ” what am I gonna do next?” what should I do? and nobody can give you the right answer because it’s you who can only decide on what to do.
You have been spending late in the night thinking and planning but after all there wasn’t no clear view on what to do best!
You were left with the option of asking the Man above” crying for help to let you show the way to go. In your prayers, you have out poured your sentiments and you have been asking everything that you wanted to happen in your life!
After that, you felt a little relief of the pain you have been carrying. There was a moment of silence and you felt an inner peace.

Time passed by and unknowingly opportunities came to you ALL AT ONCE! almost the thing that you have dreamed and desired to do but you have come to realize ” I think I can’t do all these things at once! I only have to choose one! You have come to think that “God has been listening to me” after all He seems to show and give me everything all at once! but the problem is, Even if He” gives you All the things you have asked at once, you can’t seem to have those at the same time
That’s why we shouldn’t rush on things, we need to be patient and be calm in asking God to lead us in our Lives because God could give “all that we ask at once! as long as it would benefit us but it’s us” who isn’t ready to take everything all at once!
Think deeply and try to figure out and ask the thing that you need at the moment!

It was July 11,2011 when my co-teachers were sleeping and I was still wide awake, confused.I finally took a glance at my laptop and begun writing this letter.

July 11,2011
Hi Gladys,

I know you don’t exactly know where you are going but don’t worry I’m guiding your way. Keep on walking I’ll be by your side. At times I’m watching you from a distance but most of the times I’m holding your hands in every difficult way that you are stepping. Probably you don’t notice Me” that I’m wiping your tears each time you cry, I send the winds to make them dry.
I know, you want to know my plans for you. It made me smile knowing that you really want me to plan for your life and that’s exactly what I want! Impressing me with that thought gave me so much joy. There is so much pleasure in my heart to feel that a child wants to be guided by a Father who dearly longs for the sweet request of a child.
You might feel all alone in your journey; someday you will arrive to the very place I have prepared for you so you can take a rest and have a wonderful moment with me.
I want you to feel what you want and what makes you happy and this will be your guide and inspiration in your life’s journey. If just in case at this moment you don’t know just let the days pass by and take time to notice the beautiful things that I have been putting around you. When you happen to notice the things that will make you happy go ahead! Search them! Chase after them!
I will be the happiest Man who will welcome you in the end “You made it!”
I hope you can feel me now and as I brushes your hair when you lay down let me take you to a goodnight rest that will make you dream of the wonderful plans I have for you.
I’m just here and I will always be your guide.
Have faith in Me.
I have been loving you.


Your guide Jesus

Many times I wanna scream so you can hear me
Many times I wanna have you beside me
Many times I wanna let you know that i was just faking with my smiles
because it was you who can make it real
I know for sure everything would come to an end
It was I who only wish it wouldn’t end
Somehow I wanna be awaken from this damn denial that
I’m freakin out of my mind
Let me out of this please

Don’t you know? that was the time I wanna Fall for you !


All my life I have been wishing  for the perfect time

I could tell you everything

that has been going on with my life.

The thoughts that told me I want you.

The feeling I once felt I want to be near you.

Those moments  I wish you could have seen my happiness and be part of it

The endeavors motivated with the Idea that i have been inspired by you.

The crazy tale that you and I were the main characters.

Oh My! the very time I told myself I could have been crazy! I think of you most of the time

But could I blame myself feeling this way?

But as time goes by, the very time I have made up my mind to let you know everything that was the very time you drifted away from me. It made me realized then what I felt and what I have hold on for quite some time would be meaningless to you.

How could this be?  am I too late to let you know? or you are just probably not the right one?

Would it be wise to tell you even if we live separate lives now and I’m trying to live a life apart from you?






“How beautiful are the feet who brings good news”…

                                                                    One of the main job of Missionaries is to go house to house visitation and meet new friends and visit them always as much as possible because through this rapport will be established that’s what we called  Personal evangelism.

Along with this principle you need to ready yourself to make your feet strong since it will be the most powerful tool to bring you to places where God leads you.

As a missionary of 1000 Missionary Movement 34th batch we were trained to go to houses and meet other people.After we were dispatched .My Partner and I were sent to “Agoncillo Batangas~ Subic” . The proximity of the place where we live was quiet far to the place where we were assigned.Though it was accessible through jeepneys and other vehicles we chose not to ride to save money since missionary stipend was too small and we were on the tight budget. The struggle begun everytime we decided to go for visitation around 2:00 PM that’s our visitation time and being assigned in a tropical Country ( Philippines) it’s really humid and hot.It was more because the place where we were assigned was near the Volcano ( Taal volcano). Though I am a Filipina, I’m accustomed to my country’s climate but  I  was never used to walking most of the time at that very hour.It was a stuggle to me too. My heart kept on murmuring everytime we did it but I was keeping it within myself because I didn’t want to put some avenues to make my partner and I to be discouraged.

After we prayed thats the start of our daily journey that was also the start that my selfish heart and mind struggled.Thoughts coming into my mind ” Why I have to do this? Does this really make sense?If I work on my profession as a Nurse I won’t be doing this.I’ll just sit and wait for patients to come and  go hospital rounds with my co- nurses and oppss I’ll be wearing clean white uniform and my “feet” are cared by white stockings and comfortable shoes.I won’t be walking under the heat of the sun.I’ll be secured under the roof of my workplace…. I kept on struggling with those thoughts and sometimes exasperate***sigh. Why??? and I told myself you made a promise to serve Him so accept the  humble work of being a missionary.

We did this walking thing for several months.Indeed it worked and we met alot of friends who opened the doors of their houses and welcomed us. This routine later on didn’t bother me so with my partner too because though we had a long tiring walked right after our visitation a warmth feeling of Joy fill in our hearts and we felt blessed everytime we felt that feeling.

One day, when we were relaxing and I was laying down on the mat I happened to see my feet on the mirror that was place across from me. Huh! my feet looked terrible and I had cracked heels that were too awkward to look at.I felt that time embarrassed with myself thinking that I had “poor hygiene and my feet were a minus to my femininity! I just closed my eyes and I tried diverting my thoughts but  my self -centered thoughts was playing again!

As I slowly opened my eyes I was taken back to the idea when God walked along the desert, when Paul traveled for miles with his feet on his old sandals and so with other disciples who used their feet to walk and reached out other people.

I wondered how their feet looked that time.Well, camera wasn’t present that time so it wasn’t properly documented but I guess their feet were more ugly than mine. I was humbled when those realization came into my mind. And I was lucky the following day God revealed to me a text in the Bible in Romans 10:15 “How can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written” HOW  BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THOSE WHO BRING GOOD NEWS”.

This text was my turning point that made me feel that my Missionary walk was worth remembering. And though my feet were ugly in my sight and in others. It’s actually the most beautiful feet in God’s eyes.And so do with others feet too who labor for the Lord.

“Look at your feet now, ” How beautiful are they?”

" Missionary Feet"
Feet that walk and reach out others~ a walk worth remembering

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